Today at work it was like the attack of the idiots.  Not alot in the orders really stand out….but I SHOULD have been off at 4 (and didn’t get to leave until 15 after because the next shift person chose to not even waltz through the door until 5 after, then we still had a few orders, so management couldn’t get my drawer pulled on time.

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I intended to post yesterday, but I never got around to it.

Work has been normal, though stand-out moments to really mention, which is why I haven’t posted. Yesterday I worked, though I felt bloaty and heartburny all day, which I had contributed with starting a new breakfast cereal (strawberry rice crispies), figuring it didn’t mix well with my morning pills, so after work I bought a new ceral (trix); and put the rice crispies in a bag to sometime get marshmallows and make rice crispy treats.

Yesterday evening was when it really hit me….the flu. Chills, body aches, vomiting and diarrhea.

Luckily today (and after sleeping almost 9 hours – which is LONG for me) I feel much better

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Bad Day…

Today was a busy-ass day at work…but more than that, we had to say goodbye to one of our kitties.

The last couple weeks it has seamed she has been suffering from a tremendous cold, but yesterday it was clear by the way she was walking it was much worse than that.

Callie April 24, 2007 – February 21, 2020

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Some Like It Slow

Today wasn’t exactly a slow day, as the post title may hint at…but sometimes post titles don’t come all that easy to me.

I worked a normal shift today, and lunch was steady. After lunch, it was relatively slow. To the point, I got drivethru all stocked (including sauces) before 3:45…and kinda scrounged to find something to clean to fill up the last 15 minutes

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Even on a not really remarkable day….

Today at work it wasn’t really remarkable. Although we had a busy spurt, it was kinda an easy day, but in the afternoon, one of my lower-tier managers came in on her day off to talk to the manager on duty about something. Before she left, she wasn’t sure if I’ve seen the Nosy Asses Of Van Wert facbook page, but one of our other managers saw a post on it, praising the two of us that were up front yesterday (which was she and I)

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Today……Just Today

Today I was on drive-thru (which I honestly prefer over front counter) and we had a customer that was a doozy. He ordered a Stacker King (which is just Stacker sauce, cheese, bacon and whopper patty; single is 1 whopper patty, double has 2 and triple has 3). I was handing out the customer at the window’s food when the doozy came to the speaker box, so one of my co-workers took the order, and as you’d expect asked if he wanted single, double or triple and he said single.

NOW, when he gets to the window, he bitches up a storm, questioning why she asked that and so on. I tried explaining that it comes all three ways and stacker was it’s name (where he bitches Wendys has a stacker that is always meat cheese meat cheese) Now my manager came up, and explained it AGAIN….customer was still bitchy.

After he left Roy (manager) goes: If you like how Wendys makes theirs…go there and bitch to them

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Today it was busy at work. I hadn’t looked at the clock after 2 until someone ordered a frozen coke and I turned around to look at the machine to make sure it wasn’t on defrost and saw it wasn’t but the cherry was (coke starts at 3, takes about 15 minutes and then the cherry starts around 3:30). When I saw the cherry was on defrost, I looked at the clock and it was 3:35)

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Yay :D

I had intended to post Saturday, but actually forgot.

I ordered a custom phone case off of Amazon, uploading a photo off of google of Baby Yoda, and Saturday it arrived!


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Yesterday I heard some sad news and I debated blogging about it because it’s celebrity news.

It was announced on #GoodMorningAmerica by the actress herself…Shannen Doherty’s breast cancer is back, and in stage 4.

She was diagnosed over a year ago, means she filmed the BH90210 miniseries with this diagnoses.

Anyone who knows me real well knows, I have always been a huge Shannen fan; from the original Beverly Hills, 90210…to Charmed…to her stint in the 90210 reboot in 2008 and in movies. I even had a cat, Teddy (he looked like Salem from Sabrina, The Teenage Witch) that loved Shannen (if I watched Charmed or 90210 and it was after she left the series, he would leave the room)

Back in 2015, when Shannen announced her cancer, I was shocked and saddened…then the following year after her chemo and radiated (and since she catalogued it in media so her fans could see her truth) I was joyed for her that she was in remission…so now that it’s back and in the terminal stage 4 state….I’m saddened; for Shannen, her family and friends who truly know her, and for others like me who are just fans of the art of her acting.

While she’s with us: Thank you, Shannen for the beauty of your realness and the beautiful art of your acting <3

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A Jack of all trades

At work I’m kinda a little bit of a jack of all trades…drive-thru, dishes, front counter, cleaning, kitchen.

It’s not often I do get to be in the kitchen though. Most of the time I run the drive-thru and handle front counter (sometimes back and forth at the same time) and in the afternoons, I do just that and also dishes in between orders.

Yesterday I did get to be in the kitchen a bit, but not today.

Today was a day of idiots. Every time today I had to pull a car due to something being in the fryer or broiler, and tell the customer that there was a wait and to pull up by the door….everytime the customer would literally point at the door and say “pull up there?”

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