WordPress Update

I got the notification that there was an update to the version of WordPress installed, no naturally, I updated. I have to say I love this new version (5.6)!

Before, I had to keep a relatively basic theme installed (I downloaded it from wordpress.org, but in the stylesheet renamed it as Editor Theme since that was all I kept it for) so I could use the visual editor (I make my themes with Artisteer and for some reason I could never figure out, with those themes activated as default, I couldn’t switch between visual and text, nor could I set up my sidebar widgets, so I used the basic theme when I was using the editor, then had to use WordPress’s Live Preview for the changing of the widgets).  Now! Long story short, after updating I looked though the editor and I DON’T need to switch to that basic theme to switch between Visual and Text.

Way to go WordPress!

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