The last couple months haven’t had much to post about. Life has been somewhat normal. Work-wise and home-wise. Last week I had to replace my computer’s portable bluray drive, some of the “teeth” on it’s spindle broke off. While I was waiting for the new (and a little more fancier one), I used my computer’s optical drive for regular Dvds…then it stopped working, so within a few days of Dell having me try a couple things, then when those didn’t work, they put in an order to send me a new drive (which hasn’t come yet, but I do have my new portable bluray drive now.

Vacation got pushed back because of The Rona. Instead of going June 23-24, we got our hotel reservations pushed back to July 28-29. Found out this morning that CP announced their opening day – July 9 (2 months from when they should have opened, and would have if not for The Rona). Yes, things will be different with the health protocols, but it’s still a getaway)

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