Last year I ordered a portable blu-ray drive for my computer, because Dell isn’t putting even DVD drives in laptops anymore, so my new computer won’t have it’s own drive (and so I can watch the Blu-Ray disc of movies). Recently I noticed a couple bits of the spindle have flaked off, so I replaced it with one that even has a couple usb ports, and also a SD slot AND a micro SD slot. Roughly 2 weeks after I got that drive, my computer didn’t register it….the last couple days have been kinda a battle with the seller.

The drive’s accompanying cords never worked for it (I had to use my old drive’s cord, which luckily has the same connector type) to use the drive. While taking the photos the seller asked for, the drive’s metal connector in it’s rear popped off.

They responded that they will be sending a new drive (which is coming Tuesday….but one part of their response kinda pissed me off, to the point of making this blog entry. This is their most recent message (the yellow text is what inspired this rant)

Hello Jen,
Thank you very much for your information. Just now we had arranged to send the new drive to you and you will get it on 23 June.Once there is a tracking number,we will inform you at first time,thanks.
Please pay more attention when pluging cable into the drive.
Best wishes.

Yes, all of the messages from them had that not-good grammar, which isn’t the cause for my irk….what caused it was them basically saying I jammed the cord into the connector. The drive is by the brand Guamar, and the Amazon seller is Biscon Tech. Would I buy from them again? Probably not. Would I tell people stay away? again, probably not. The drive is good, I just am not 100% thrilled with their customer service (though they are sending the new drive quickly, which I am impressed with). If, in the future, I would need to replace this drive, would I get one from them again? I doubt it. I would probably go back to Pioneer.

One last thing, the above paragraph is not intended to bad-mouth Biscon, this is all just my own personal opinion, and if it changes with the new drive (maybe I just got a bad one) I will post a new entry

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