For the first time since the Corona started we were actually busy at work…😲. It was like an old NORMAL day

But, our awesome assistant manager, Dave posted so they don’t have to cut anyone he personally (though working) won’t take any compensation for THREE MONTHS

Enough Already

I am getting tired of the outblown Corona Virus.  The media is making it seam worse…and the people….stock piling stuff like it’s the Armageddon.


Thankfully I have the next two days off, so I don’t have deal with people <3

Grey’s Anatomy

I normally don’t post about the shows I like, but after all of the backlash of this past Thursday’s goodbye to Alex Karev, I want to get my thoughts out there.

Like many, I assumed they were killing him off because he was so radio silent, but unlike many, I see this as a fitting exit.  It doesn’t change the progress he made as a character if you really think about it.

Alex reached out to his ex for his best friend’s benefit when she needed it, and in that reach out he found out some things Izzie should have told him.  Yes, he signed off his right to the embryos and told her she could do what she wanted with them, so <strong>legally</strong> she didn’t have to tell him she had his kids, but normal Izzie (the way she was before she was written off) would have.

The episode in a whole was beautiful.  It was a great goodbye, and it had nostalgia with archive footage of Arizona, George, Izzie, Cristina & Derek.  Also, with Alex alive and well, if Justin Chambers would be willing sometime down the road (and maybe for the series final) he could guest-star (and not just as a ghost or flashback like what would happen with so many of the other past stars)


It’s on par with how Callie, Arizona, Burke, Cristina & April have been written out – they could appear in the future on a guest spot, actor-permitting – just as Addison has a few times in the past.

Thankfully I’m off tomorrow

Today was another workday…and I’m glad tomorrow isn’t.


For most of the day it wasn’t busy, and in between orders in the afternoon, I did get the day’s dishes done, but between 3:30 & 4….it was a busy bitch….and it didn’t help that management had her headset off and so I didn’t get any help except for stuff dropped into the fryer when I called for it…..but still.


Today at work it was like the attack of the idiots.  Not alot in the orders really stand out….but I SHOULD have been off at 4 (and didn’t get to leave until 15 after because the next shift person chose to not even waltz through the door until 5 after, then we still had a few orders, so management couldn’t get my drawer pulled on time.


I intended to post yesterday, but I never got around to it.

Work has been normal, though stand-out moments to really mention, which is why I haven’t posted. Yesterday I worked, though I felt bloaty and heartburny all day, which I had contributed with starting a new breakfast cereal (strawberry rice crispies), figuring it didn’t mix well with my morning pills, so after work I bought a new ceral (trix); and put the rice crispies in a bag to sometime get marshmallows and make rice crispy treats.

Yesterday evening was when it really hit me….the flu. Chills, body aches, vomiting and diarrhea.

Luckily today (and after sleeping almost 9 hours – which is LONG for me) I feel much better

Bad Day…

Today was a busy-ass day at work…but more than that, we had to say goodbye to one of our kitties.

The last couple weeks it has seamed she has been suffering from a tremendous cold, but yesterday it was clear by the way she was walking it was much worse than that.

Callie April 24, 2007 – February 21, 2020

Some Like It Slow

Today wasn’t exactly a slow day, as the post title may hint at…but sometimes post titles don’t come all that easy to me.

I worked a normal shift today, and lunch was steady. After lunch, it was relatively slow. To the point, I got drivethru all stocked (including sauces) before 3:45…and kinda scrounged to find something to clean to fill up the last 15 minutes

Even on a not really remarkable day….

Today at work it wasn’t really remarkable. Although we had a busy spurt, it was kinda an easy day, but in the afternoon, one of my lower-tier managers came in on her day off to talk to the manager on duty about something. Before she left, she wasn’t sure if I’ve seen the Nosy Asses Of Van Wert facbook page, but one of our other managers saw a post on it, praising the two of us that were up front yesterday (which was she and I)

Today……Just Today

Today I was on drive-thru (which I honestly prefer over front counter) and we had a customer that was a doozy. He ordered a Stacker King (which is just Stacker sauce, cheese, bacon and whopper patty; single is 1 whopper patty, double has 2 and triple has 3). I was handing out the customer at the window’s food when the doozy came to the speaker box, so one of my co-workers took the order, and as you’d expect asked if he wanted single, double or triple and he said single.

NOW, when he gets to the window, he bitches up a storm, questioning why she asked that and so on. I tried explaining that it comes all three ways and stacker was it’s name (where he bitches Wendys has a stacker that is always meat cheese meat cheese) Now my manager came up, and explained it AGAIN….customer was still bitchy.

After he left Roy (manager) goes: If you like how Wendys makes theirs…go there and bitch to them