It is time for a non-vacationy/non-private rant post.  Recently at work we got a new store manager, and when she took over, she also took over doing the schedule.  Yes, she’s messed with some people’s normal schedules (for me it’s been relatively minor) but this upcoming week was a doozy (and not her fault).  For like half of this upcoming week, on the request-off page, someone wrote my name, and since she didn’t know my handwriting, she naturally assumed I needed those days off for whatever reason.  I mentioned it to the manager that was there Thursday when I saw it (Roy) and he said to either come in or call over the weekend and talk to Angie about it.

This morning I came in and talked to her, and told her Roy showed me the request off page it was not me that wrote it and asked to me written into Wednesday & Friday.  I was a little apprehensive about it going in, but it worked in my favor.  She saw that staff-wise we could use me those 2 days (which will give me my whole normal schedule), and I showed her where I did request off for June (Cedar Point) and July (Camping at Shelby), so now she knows my writing and how I put my name when I DO request off.


New pissyfit — now we’ve gone to using our little finger to write on the stands just (AGAIN) to be a brat.  If you think it’s dirty enough that that is “funny”, oh I don’t know, maybe clean the fucking stand yourself!

End of an era

Wednesday we bid our blue & red vans goodbye, and say hello to our new white one

TV Oddities

GAC Family now airs Bewitched and today they’re showing a marathon. One of the episodes was the episode where Tabitha was born. When Samantha offered the name of Tabitha to Darrin (when they were talking about what the baby’s name should be) it randomly occurred to me — most if not all of the women in Samantha’s family’s named end with the letter A:


FBI: Most Wanted

I don’t blog about the shows I watch often, but this is warranted. I love all three FBI shows, and when Most Wanted began, I was particularly excited for it for 3 reasons: I loved the soft premiere on an episode of the original series, Kellan Lutz (loved him in Twilight) and Julian McMahon (loved him on Charmed, and the movies of his I’ve seen).

When Kellan Lutz left to focus on family when he became a papa, I was disappointed, but the way they wrote him out was wonderful — he’s still alive, so he could come back someday; though I’ve come to love his replacement on the team.

This season when Julian McMahon announced his exit, I was disappointed again, and originally claimed to stop with his final episode (which was an amazing episode, I will say), but when it was announced his replacement will be played by Dylan McDermott (who’s villainous character I secretly enjoyed on Law & Order: Organized Crime), I then chose to watch the show with his character once….I have loved his character from his first episode, and he gets better and better.

Switching popsockets

I hope this is a unique problem — I got new cases (to fit my new phone) for my 2 popsocket cases (one is Nancy Drew, the other is a swappable for Cedar Point).  Yesterday the one I chose for CP came and I change the popsocket to it with no problems, however, today the one for ND came. It’s an older model popsocket (the swapables’ gel adhesive is said to be stronger), but for some reason I am having a hell of a time getting it to strongly adhere. I hope it won’t come down to replacing it because there is nothing wrong with it, but if I do I may shell out for a swappable and get a few different ND poptops (which in the long run would be more expensive than just flat-out replacing it from amazon, which is where I originally got it, but if the swappables’ adhesive is stronger and easier to switch from case or device, it would be better in the long run for when I eventually will have to get a new phone (my old phone lasted about 5 years)

New Phone

We went to Verizon to look into upgrading our Moto Z2 Play phones to the Moto G Stylus — they only had one in stock, but the girl there offered to get the two from Wapak for Mom and Angela tomorrow (on her day off, to boot!).

I got our store’s moto g stylus and I’ve got it all set up 😀

Poor puppers :(

Last night Kaiser was heading to bed, but didn’t let us pet him goodnight first, so I called him back into the front room and he turned quite abruptly and tweaked his front right paw 🙁  He yipped once and began to limp.

We took him to see the vet and he doesn’t think anything’s broken, but it may just be sprained and prescribed him a pain pill and is starting him on a joint supplement (we can get that OTC at walmart, so like Oreo and Elijah, Kaiser is now on Cosequin, though his is a bit different than theirs)

He is seaming to walk a little better, though on a bright side, when they weighed him, he’s dropped almost 5 pounds since he was last out there.

Yarn Review

I’ve tried different weights and different types of yarn many times, but have never chosen to type up my opinion — until now (disclaimer: no, I am not knocking this yarn)

I am working on a light-weight blanket (loom knit) for my mom’s bed, and chose to order a skein of the new O’Go yarn (it’s the Caron one in the color Concord Crush).  It’s a very nice yarn, don’t get me wrong and I do like it, but one thing that intrigued me to this line of yarn is it claims to be “tangle free”, which it is not.

Yes, it isn’t as tangled as others that I’ve used, but it does tangle.  This yarn is separated out in four color blocks (which are noticeably tied together in the factory). Presently, I’m only on color #2 and it’s been tangled a couple times (though that was this section).  Keep in mind, I use a big yarn tote to keep my yarn off the floor, so the yarn moving in the tote while I knit could factor into the possible tangles, and in the yarn’s defense, these have so far been loose very easy to remove tangles.

Would I recommend this yarn or buy again? Yes, absolutely.  I do like the workability and texture of the yarn, and the tangles are something you get in just about all yarns (I’ve had tangles in others way worse than these).

One last note: Do not take this review as a way to dissuade the O’Go yarn, just know ahead of getting you may still get tangles

Mom <3

I know I don’t post personal family posts often, the blog is sometimes private bitching posts, but today will be an exception.

This morning, my mom fell down the last few stairs coming downstairs to take me to work. She’s been at the hospital since 10 am, was admitted and moved from the ER to a room. She broke her right ankle, they got it reducted, but she has to have surgery tomorrow morning.

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