FBI: Most Wanted

I don’t blog about the shows I watch often, but this is warranted. I love all three FBI shows, and when Most Wanted began, I was particularly excited for it for 3 reasons: I loved the soft premiere on an episode of the original series, Kellan Lutz (loved him in Twilight) and Julian McMahon (loved him on Charmed, and the movies of his I’ve seen).

When Kellan Lutz left to focus on family when he became a papa, I was disappointed, but the way they wrote him out was wonderful — he’s still alive, so he could come back someday; though I’ve come to love his replacement on the team.

This season when Julian McMahon announced his exit, I was disappointed again, and originally claimed to stop with his final episode (which was an amazing episode, I will say), but when it was announced his replacement will be played by Dylan McDermott (who’s villainous character I secretly enjoyed on Law & Order: Organized Crime), I then chose to watch the show with his character once….I have loved his character from his first episode, and he gets better and better.

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