Switching popsockets

I hope this is a unique problem — I got new cases (to fit my new phone) for my 2 popsocket cases (one is Nancy Drew, the other is a swappable for Cedar Point).  Yesterday the one I chose for CP came and I change the popsocket to it with no problems, however, today the one for ND came. It’s an older model popsocket (the swapables’ gel adhesive is said to be stronger), but for some reason I am having a hell of a time getting it to strongly adhere. I hope it won’t come down to replacing it because there is nothing wrong with it, but if I do I may shell out for a swappable and get a few different ND poptops (which in the long run would be more expensive than just flat-out replacing it from amazon, which is where I originally got it, but if the swappables’ adhesive is stronger and easier to switch from case or device, it would be better in the long run for when I eventually will have to get a new phone (my old phone lasted about 5 years)

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