Midnight In Salem

When the game first came out last year, I pre-ordered the PC physical copy….and saved it back for Christmas. After Christmas, I attempted to install it to my Inspiron 3555 (old PC now), and it wouldn’t go past the loading screen (so it wouldn’t even get to the game menu). As it turns out, my old PC couldn’t run it, which was okay…I planned on upgrading within a year anyways and could be sure the new one could. — Fast-forward to now….I have officially fully played EVERY Nancy Drew PC game (I started MID last night and finished today)

First impressions…
I personally don’t get all of the hate — yes, there’s noticeable differences, just from Sea of Darkness to Midnight In Salem. It’s weird to play a ND game without Lani Minella voicing Nancy, but the new voice actress did a fabulous job. The gameplay was a little weird, but I adjusted (I have played King’s Quest 8: Mask Of Eternity, which is also 3D and again also quite hated in it’s fanbase, so I think that may have helped me adjust to the difference in graphic style and maneuverability).

I loved the theme and story behind this game, my only real complaint was when you turned around and a character was RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE.

Missed having Bess and George as phone contacts, though loved having the Hardys in person (my favorite version of them is STILL Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon)

It’s A Go

I’ve been saving up, and researching, and today I got my new laptop ordered. This will be my first that isn’t an Inspiron, since the Inspiron with my requirements was out of stock

My new computer is the Dell G3….and is coming Friday 😁😊


Last year I ordered a portable blu-ray drive for my computer, because Dell isn’t putting even DVD drives in laptops anymore, so my new computer won’t have it’s own drive (and so I can watch the Blu-Ray disc of movies). Recently I noticed a couple bits of the spindle have flaked off, so I replaced it with one that even has a couple usb ports, and also a SD slot AND a micro SD slot. Roughly 2 weeks after I got that drive, my computer didn’t register it….the last couple days have been kinda a battle with the seller.

The drive’s accompanying cords never worked for it (I had to use my old drive’s cord, which luckily has the same connector type) to use the drive. While taking the photos the seller asked for, the drive’s metal connector in it’s rear popped off.

They responded that they will be sending a new drive (which is coming Tuesday….but one part of their response kinda pissed me off, to the point of making this blog entry. This is their most recent message (the yellow text is what inspired this rant)

Hello Jen,
Thank you very much for your information. Just now we had arranged to send the new drive to you and you will get it on 23 June.Once there is a tracking number,we will inform you at first time,thanks.
Please pay more attention when pluging cable into the drive.
Best wishes.

Yes, all of the messages from them had that not-good grammar, which isn’t the cause for my irk….what caused it was them basically saying I jammed the cord into the connector. The drive is by the brand Guamar, and the Amazon seller is Biscon Tech. Would I buy from them again? Probably not. Would I tell people stay away? again, probably not. The drive is good, I just am not 100% thrilled with their customer service (though they are sending the new drive quickly, which I am impressed with). If, in the future, I would need to replace this drive, would I get one from them again? I doubt it. I would probably go back to Pioneer.

One last thing, the above paragraph is not intended to bad-mouth Biscon, this is all just my own personal opinion, and if it changes with the new drive (maybe I just got a bad one) I will post a new entry


The last couple months haven’t had much to post about. Life has been somewhat normal. Work-wise and home-wise. Last week I had to replace my computer’s portable bluray drive, some of the “teeth” on it’s spindle broke off. While I was waiting for the new (and a little more fancier one), I used my computer’s optical drive for regular Dvds…then it stopped working, so within a few days of Dell having me try a couple things, then when those didn’t work, they put in an order to send me a new drive (which hasn’t come yet, but I do have my new portable bluray drive now.

Vacation got pushed back because of The Rona. Instead of going June 23-24, we got our hotel reservations pushed back to July 28-29. Found out this morning that CP announced their opening day – July 9 (2 months from when they should have opened, and would have if not for The Rona). Yes, things will be different with the health protocols, but it’s still a getaway)


This past week has been short, I only had 3 days (13 hours total), and I just got next week’s schedule, and I’m honestly enthusiastic for it. It’s almost like an old normal week, the first once before corona.

Grey’s Anatomy

The other day while watching the season 16 finale, I came to a conclusion…Schmitt is like the new George


Originally, I was scheduled to have Easter Sunday off, but the schedule was changed, and I now work 10-4. I welcome the hours because this will already be a short enough check.

With our Easter Sunday hours this year being 11-7, this means I’ll do something I haven’t done at work since starting at BK…Open


For the first time since the Corona started we were actually busy at work…😲. It was like an old NORMAL day

But, our awesome assistant manager, Dave posted so they don’t have to cut anyone he personally (though working) won’t take any compensation for THREE MONTHS

Enough Already

I am getting tired of the outblown Corona Virus.  The media is making it seam worse…and the people….stock piling stuff like it’s the Armageddon.


Thankfully I have the next two days off, so I don’t have deal with people <3

Grey’s Anatomy

I normally don’t post about the shows I like, but after all of the backlash of this past Thursday’s goodbye to Alex Karev, I want to get my thoughts out there.

Like many, I assumed they were killing him off because he was so radio silent, but unlike many, I see this as a fitting exit.  It doesn’t change the progress he made as a character if you really think about it.

Alex reached out to his ex for his best friend’s benefit when she needed it, and in that reach out he found out some things Izzie should have told him.  Yes, he signed off his right to the embryos and told her she could do what she wanted with them, so <strong>legally</strong> she didn’t have to tell him she had his kids, but normal Izzie (the way she was before she was written off) would have.

The episode in a whole was beautiful.  It was a great goodbye, and it had nostalgia with archive footage of Arizona, George, Izzie, Cristina & Derek.  Also, with Alex alive and well, if Justin Chambers would be willing sometime down the road (and maybe for the series final) he could guest-star (and not just as a ghost or flashback like what would happen with so many of the other past stars)


It’s on par with how Callie, Arizona, Burke, Cristina & April have been written out – they could appear in the future on a guest spot, actor-permitting – just as Addison has a few times in the past.