Today……Just Today

Today I was on drive-thru (which I honestly prefer over front counter) and we had a customer that was a doozy. He ordered a Stacker King (which is just Stacker sauce, cheese, bacon and whopper patty; single is 1 whopper patty, double has 2 and triple has 3). I was handing out the customer at the window’s food when the doozy came to the speaker box, so one of my co-workers took the order, and as you’d expect asked if he wanted single, double or triple and he said single.

NOW, when he gets to the window, he bitches up a storm, questioning why she asked that and so on. I tried explaining that it comes all three ways and stacker was it’s name (where he bitches Wendys has a stacker that is always meat cheese meat cheese) Now my manager came up, and explained it AGAIN….customer was still bitchy.

After he left Roy (manager) goes: If you like how Wendys makes theirs…go there and bitch to them

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