Happy National Pet Day

Saw on Facebook that it’s National Pet Day!!!

Happy National Pet Day, Kaiser, Darling, Frasier, Elijah, Pumpkin, Dabbie, Lizzie, Tinker, Bandit, Harold, Maverick & Chester



Got my yearly themes done, coded and uploaded….odd part is although I didn’t look at any of my old panels before making the new ones, some of them are VERY similar (with the same pics and same order, but all are brand newly made this year)

Rest In Peace

Again, my heart is broken — rather shattered. Although he is an older cat (14) and had gotten quite skinny (boney rather), but Barney passed away at home tonight. It was quite sudden, and the way he cried and his body acted, we think he had a stroke. Rest easy my sweet Monkey Man (my sweet Big B)

Rest In Peace

Our sweet cat Tigger has not been doing well 🙁 In the last year, he has dropped weight (he’s 14), but lately he’s been very vocal (his last litter-mate sister has been too, but now I wonder if his may have atleast been partially in pain), walking a little unsteady (that one was only in the last 24 hours), had very watery diarrhea. He’s always been one to only go outside the box when something is wrong (like when he had a bowel block years ago). but in the last few days, he’s pooped out of the box (one of the times was on the table on some of my yarn) Today we had to say goodbye to him, it was time to let him pass the rainbow bridge and be with his dearly departed brothers, sisters and mama.



Nice People Still Exist

Nice people still exist. I worked today, and I had a guy come inside and order 2 whopper jrs (currently on sale 2 for $5) and a chocolate shake. I’d gotten his shake and when his sandwiches were done, I bagged them up and handed him the bag. He held out a folded bill and said “you can have this”. Aft first I didn’t realize what it was until I took it….it was a $20 tip. I thanked him and told him it was appreciated. He’d turned to leave so I told the one in the kitchen (Patrick) about it, and to surprise me more, the customer came back and offered me ANOTHER $20. I thanked him and told him I’d give it to the one in the kitchen. He then asked how many of us were working, so I said just the three of us, me, the one in the kitchen and the manager (Roy)….and he gave me a third $20 so Roy could have a tip too!


Last night I was working on my blanket and I must have had my finger braced up against one of the upcoming pegs on my Afghan loom at just the wrong angle, because it snapped off flush right at the base.

I glued it and let it sit overnight so hopefully that holds for a while.  I did check on prices with the official website (KB) and Amazon, and both places are over $40.


It is time for a non-vacationy/non-private rant post.  Recently at work we got a new store manager, and when she took over, she also took over doing the schedule.  Yes, she’s messed with some people’s normal schedules (for me it’s been relatively minor) but this upcoming week was a doozy (and not her fault).  For like half of this upcoming week, on the request-off page, someone wrote my name, and since she didn’t know my handwriting, she naturally assumed I needed those days off for whatever reason.  I mentioned it to the manager that was there Thursday when I saw it (Roy) and he said to either come in or call over the weekend and talk to Angie about it.

This morning I came in and talked to her, and told her Roy showed me the request off page it was not me that wrote it and asked to me written into Wednesday & Friday.  I was a little apprehensive about it going in, but it worked in my favor.  She saw that staff-wise we could use me those 2 days (which will give me my whole normal schedule), and I showed her where I did request off for June (Cedar Point) and July (Camping at Shelby), so now she knows my writing and how I put my name when I DO request off.


New pissyfit — now we’ve gone to using our little finger to write on the stands just (AGAIN) to be a brat.  If you think it’s dirty enough that that is “funny”, oh I don’t know, maybe clean the fucking stand yourself!

End of an era

Wednesday we bid our blue & red vans goodbye, and say hello to our new white one

TV Oddities

GAC Family now airs Bewitched and today they’re showing a marathon. One of the episodes was the episode where Tabitha was born. When Samantha offered the name of Tabitha to Darrin (when they were talking about what the baby’s name should be) it randomly occurred to me — most if not all of the women in Samantha’s family’s named end with the letter A:


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