Charmed…Yet Again

This story take place around the time-frame of the final season…though with a few changes.

  • Leo is still human
  • Phoebe and Coop never had a romantic relationship — here they were only friends and his purpose was to help her re-find her bliss…her happiness agian
  • Henry does not exist — I’m just gonna put that in there. I enjoyed Ivan Sergei while he was on the show and I do think he’s a good actor…but my reason will be seen 😉

Now, with all of that said………………

Piper is in the kitchen, making tea while talking to Paige, when suddenly there was a swirl of bluish-white lights. When the lights dispersed, they were greeted by the only elder that the sisters really got along with, let alone liked, Sandra.

“The council has been working on this for a short while and I was sworn to secrecy until the timing was proper….” Sandra started, and nodded when Piper lifted the teapot to signify she was offering some tea, the nod meaning she would like a cup. “The council feels it’s not right to have Paige be yours and Phoebe’s whitelighter, as well as being her own because she can’t heal herself if the need would arise. We have been training a new whitelighter, who will be the whitelighter of the three of you. She is still in training, but Leo can always help with his knowledge of his time as a whitelighter, and Paige can help as well.”

Listening to this, Paige’s face scrunched. “You want me to train our new whitelighter instead of just doing what I’ve been doing for years?”

Sandra nodded, “Yes, and I can see you’re unhappy, but when you see who it is, I think you’ll understand more.”

With Sandra’s words, more bluish white light twinkled, and when they dispersed, the sight before them is one they never would have expected…Prue.

To say Piper was stunned would be an understatement. “Wait…you mean you’re training Prue to be our new whitelighter?”

Sandra nodded. “Yes, the three of you more than deserve it. And, as per our agreement, Prue isn’t just a whightlighter, she’s retained access to her witch powers.”

Paige took this all in. “Does that mean she could have a hand in a Power Of Three spell?”

“Yes,” Sandra said, then clarified. “Once the four of you come together and constitute once again.”

Later that afternoon, when Phoebe came home from work, Piper made sure she was in the living room so she could greet her, and tell her about everything Sandra had told them. Just as Sandra had let Prue’s arrival show Piper and Paige who their new whitelighter was, Piper and Prue did the same for Phoebe, so when Piper made a (somewhat dramatic pause, especially for Piper), Prue stepped into the room.

Phoebe was stunned. “Wh–how…?” She stammered, but quickly recovered and closed the gap between herself and her eldest sister, squeezing her in a tight hug.

“I was given an offer to train as a whitelighter, instead of just remaining a spirit,” Prue explained. “I told them only if I could see my sisters again, so Sandra did me one better. Not only can I be with you, I’m your new whitelighter. I still have some to learn, but I will learn on the job, and with Leo and Paige’s help.”