One More Reason…

I have one more reason to totally anticipate the phone I’m gonna order when I get my refund from This video, here shows a fan-flipping-tastic feature NONE of my phones in the past have ever had

Congrats All!!!

Congradulations to the programmers, staff, testers and all else involved in the great games The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining has risen!

The fan-made sequel to the awesomely popular Kings Quest PC games (originated by Sierra in the 80s/90s) made it’s debut Saturday.

This game will be a five-part episodic type game and episode one is the only one presently available. This episode, in respect is much like a prologue to a novel, and if you’re a KQ fan, much like myself, it’s worth the download!

For more information, and to find the FREE download, go to The Silver Lining