Bath & Body

Went to Fort Wayne and stopped at Bath & Body…spent less than $20

45 Days!

On June 8th, I ended my employment with Big Lots :(, but today, just 45 days later *and boy did it feel like it was much longer, I officially am employed with Burger King!

And the Quest Goes on……

Following my quest for a new job. Since losing my BIG LOTS job (surprisingly, no I am not bitter) I have applied vastly. So far, I have heard I wasn’t qualified for the Assistant Manager position at Burger King….which I suspected since I don’t have management experience. Sometimes the local BK does give me the heebie-jeebies, so I guess that’s a blessing.

Earlier I received an email from another place I applied, State Farm insurance, and they requested me to fill out these two assessments – so I guess time will tell on how that pans out. Here’s to hoping!


I am loving the spongy bun maker/hair donut.  I’m even wearing it at work (and I work in retail)

Now What!




Bath & Body Haul

Went to one of my all-time favorite stores today, Bath & Body Works. I’ve spent a lot of money there over the years, and this time, I left without spending a lot. This time, I only spent $13.91!

Right now, they have the travel size bodycare (shower gel, lotion and body spray) 3/$6, so I got a few of them, and 5 pocket bacs (since they are cheaper if you get 5, PLUS I had a coupon for a free item with a $10 dollar purchase.


Just added a WP app to my phone….testing it out in offline mode 🙂

Glad To Be…

So glad to be back amongst the living…Here’s a recap:

For the past couple years, I had been hosted at Oh Well Hosting, and honestly, up until recently, I was ecstatic to be hosted there. In November, I received an email notice that my hosting package was up for renewal, so sensibly, I clicked the Pay Now link in the email to pay for another year of hosting…that link went to a broken page. So, I replied to the invoice, but sadly, the invoice redirects to the old owner, who referred me to set up a support ticket, which I did.

Within an hour after posting, the ticket was nowehere to be found, and my info wasn’t in the account either. I could log into the WMCS, but that was it. My only direct means to contact the new owner was via twitter which I did, and two days later, she said she would look into it. I didn’t hear from her for 2 weeks, so I tweeted her again…with no results, and since my hosting would run out in a few days, I sought after new hosting….that’s when I found the angel that is Moni of Ice Glow. Moni was even able to instruct me on how to restore my saved wordpress database so I didn’t have to lose all my posts and changes to pages not backed up.

This new server even has some scripts the other one did not, and a definite added plus, NLH Backup, my old server took the backup feature out of the cpanels a couple months after I moved in, so I am very glad to have the backup feature back.