Out with the old…..?

I have a KB Knitting loom (one of those big S ones. it looks like this: . The pegs are too close together for my personal use (I have tried using it, and can’t get my fingers between the pegs, and even tried using a straw, but when I try knitting the bottom over the stop, both strands go over)

Amazon has what I want (pegs are farther apart like on the round looms) but I want to get rid of this one first

Hasn’t been good…….

Today hasn’t been a good day. Coming down the stairs, I fell, sliding to almost the bottom. Didn’t hurt myself, but my right foot hurt for about 30 minutes and the back of my left upper arm, that slid down the wooden railing still hurts to the touch.

Just now I took Kaiser out to pee and twisted my left ankle in a chuckhole where a bush used to be years ago and I went down to my hands and knees in the wet muddy ground. My left ankle still hurts, but I can put more weight than I could while Kaiser peed and we came in 🙁

If it isn’t one thing….

I’ve been using WordPress steadily for website management for close to 10 years. One thing I like is the ease of themes (with Artisteer, yes I admit it, I use a generator) and with a plugin I can keep multiple themes, so myself and others can choose the layout of their choice…but lately I have been having issues.

#1) Comments…..so spamilicious, not matter what or how many anti-spam plugins I enable. I even disabled the comments themselves (and SOMEHOW I still got spam comments)
#2) Screwed up coding. The Home link still referenced my old domain name. The Vids page is compiled of links to the uploaded vids I’ve made (all hosted on my 4shared account). Visually it may seam okay, but the coding is messed up, and I have put the code into notpad to correct it, which took over 2 hours, and now less than six months later, the screwed up coding is back.

What can I convert to? (Seriously if I have to do away with Artisteer and code themes by hand again, it’s no biggie)

How does that help?

Saw a post on Facebook about supporting Breast Cancer Awareness on October 13th by not wearing a bra…..

Now the thought that runs through my head….How does that help anything?

Holy Hell of a Day

I haven’t posted in awhile….but today work was BUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSY.

With the rain, it was icky out, and a little chill, and a woman slipped from the rain on the linoleum flooring and fractured her arm   🙁 .

I hope tomorrow isn’t as busy *yawn*

Soon….Very Soon

It’s been awhile coming, and I’ve spent a few months saving money back (and it would have been sooner if my work hadn’t shut down for a month for remodel) but as of today, I have my new computer ordered 😀


After being off of work for almost a month, today felt good to be back at work. We won’t be open until atleast next week, but working today felt good

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday, in short, was kinda a day from hell.

We went to Lima, to do some shopping, and coming home we were rear-ended by a semi. He tried claiming we were at fault when it was he who was. Firstly, he was riding our ass for quite a distance, then at a yeild sign on the highway,we yeilded, and he hit our rear right corner panel.

In the hour (little more than) it took for highway patrol to arrive, the trucker directed traffic, but when other truckers asked what happened and if everyone was okay, he was all “everyone’s okay, she’s at fault” (even the patrolman why would he tekl people that.

Though a nice side to the ordeal, one of the passersby, a biker, stooped at the driver window and asked if we were all okay.

Eye Roll *yes, another*

Today was okay…except a certain family member is still (two days in a row) throwing a hissy fit, and apparently now it’s all my fault.

Seriously, if a dog is outside in his kennel and one is going to work until 2 am, why would they threaten to take the only key that would unlock the kennel? Merely, she said she was taken it with her and I say I would have no way to bring Kaiser in and she threw it towards my head, claiming I was bitching about it.

Spring is Here!

You can tell spring has FINALLY arrived 😀 The weather is warm and sunny (it got up near 75 today!) AND in the mail my Cedar Point Getaway Guide came. 🙂 It has definitely been a good day