Grey’s Anatomy

Normally I don’t post about shows, but last night a tidbit of Grey’s Anatomy news kinda pissed me off. Sometime between now and the end of the season April and Arizona (Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw) will be written off the show.

The last character write-off that pissed me off this much was the dual write off of Lexie and Mark (Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane)

I just hope they aren’t killed off like Lexie and Mark were, so hopefully they can return, even if just as a guest star (as was the case when Kate Walsh left in season 4 and Addison was able to reappear here or there)

Something New

I’ve been working on some updates for the last couple weeks. So far, the gallery’s new hosting is evident. I’m also working on changing where the vids are stored, due to the fact that the newest uploaded isn’t watchable there. I’m redoing the themes as well, though I haven’t yet decided if I will change the widgets or not.

Merry Christmas

Just wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays for whatever winter holiday you celebrate 😂📣

Sad News

Yesterday when Tony Clark updated the Cedar Point blog….I learned Sandcastle Suites, the resort my family stayed in for the last 7 seasons when we made our annual 2-day trip is closing for good and being demolished.

Sandcastle was always a nice laid-back getaway…but starting next year (which will also be the first official year my mom can qualify for the Junior/Senior ticket) we will be staying at the Iconic Hotel Breakers.

Here’s a look of Sandcastle Suites as it once was.

(the photos in the link are not mine, they are copyrighted to Doug Bullard of Point Pixels

Happy Birthday <3

I requested today off so I wouldn’t have to work on my birthday, so today has been mostly about lounging around and having a nice day off. The little knitting loom isn’t exactly a birthday gift, I had just ordered it from Hobby Lobby and it came today

Here’s my birthday pressies:

Yay :)

Finally got my new glasses 😀 At the beginning of the month, my parents, sister and I all had an eye exam, though my mom, sister and I are the only ones who got new glasses. Last Tuesday, my mom and sister got their glasses, and when the tech looked into mine hadn’t arrived too, although on their end they’d been ordered, but the lab didn’t have an order in their system. She resumbmitted online twice and when there was still no order on the lab’s end yesterday, she resubmitted by phone and yesterday they shipped out.

This morning I got an email saying they were in.

CP Rundown

Every year, between my sister and I, we submit photos for us and our parents for CP Rundown’s annual wall calendar. This Year, this is our submissions:

Cathy (mom)
Gary (dad)


Been working on losing some weight. In the last weekish, I cut down on snacks, been eating more fruit, raw mushrooms and cucumbers, and drinking more flavored water, less pop of any way (regular and diet). I also got a waist trimming band to sweat out water weight, and have been walking the back yard with Kaiser.

Last night I weighed myself and I’m down 10 pounds 🙂

Slightly New Look

I was still happy with the themes as is, but some of the images I didn’t like…so I made new themes. I kept the settings/css all the same, but all brand new images 🙂


Today seamed to be relatively decent at work. It was busy, but not unbearable. Then I come home, in a good mood…and then I hear the bad news (which left me Numb. Chester Bennington, frontman for Linkin Park (a group that has always been one of my absolute favorite) passed away this morning by way of suicide :'(