CP Rundown

Every year, between my sister and I, we submit photos for us and our parents for CP Rundown’s annual wall calendar. This Year, this is our submissions:

Cathy (mom)
Gary (dad)


Been working on losing some weight. In the last weekish, I cut down on snacks, been eating more fruit, raw mushrooms and cucumbers, and drinking more flavored water, less pop of any way (regular and diet). I also got a waist trimming band to sweat out water weight, and have been walking the back yard with Kaiser.

Last night I weighed myself and I’m down 10 pounds 🙂

Slightly New Look

I was still happy with the themes as is, but some of the images I didn’t like…so I made new themes. I kept the settings/css all the same, but all brand new images 🙂


Today seamed to be relatively decent at work. It was busy, but not unbearable. Then I come home, in a good mood…and then I hear the bad news (which left me Numb. Chester Bennington, frontman for Linkin Park (a group that has always been one of my absolute favorite) passed away this morning by way of suicide :'(

Cedar Point

Tuesday and Wednesday (June 27 & 28) we went to Cedar Point for our yearly 2 day trip. Tuesday was rather cold, it barely got above 70, so that day we missed the water park, but took advantage of the hotel’s pool and hot tub. Wednesday was rather warmer (it got into the 80s) and we did get to visit and enjoy the new and improved water park..

My only qualm with Cedar Point Shores (that is how they rebranded the waterpark) is the bathrooms. There’s only 2 sets of single use (two potties each) restrooms, instead of 2 or three multiple stalled ones. Makes waiting to use it be atleast a 30 minute wait.

Other than that, the trip was very good. I had gained some weight so I was turned away from a ride, but all in all it was a fantastic trip.

In the two days, I took 80+ photos, which will be added to the gallery tonight


I still find loom knitting much much easier, but recently I found a pair of bamboo knitting needles at walmart on clearance. I have metal ones but I can never get the hang with them, but since the bamboo ones were real cheap so I bought them and tested with a swatch, and although it still isn’t as easy as with a loom, it was easier than the metal needles.


Bought a new knitting loom at Walmart today. I want to make some summery lounge socks and with Red Heart’s thin yarn, my 24 peg round loom made it too holey, so I got the Boye sock loom. So far, I’m liking it 🙂

Steam Is Your Friend

Yesterday I was fixing some of my PC games’ installs as one wouldn’t load saves, then found one of the discs had a big crack in it.

Went to Walmart in an attempt to buy a new copy of that game, and of course, they don’t have it anymore (as they used to) :(, so I compared prices through Amazon, HERinteractive (as said game is a Nancy Drew one) and Gamestop. Found it cheapest through Gamestop, though digital, not in a CD, but this digital copy works with Steam (which I have for the King’s Quest made by The Odd Gentleman)

Out with the old…..?

I have a KB Knitting loom (one of those big S ones. it looks like this: . The pegs are too close together for my personal use (I have tried using it, and can’t get my fingers between the pegs, and even tried using a straw, but when I try knitting the bottom over the stop, both strands go over)

Amazon has what I want (pegs are farther apart like on the round looms) but I want to get rid of this one first

Hasn’t been good…….

Today hasn’t been a good day. Coming down the stairs, I fell, sliding to almost the bottom. Didn’t hurt myself, but my right foot hurt for about 30 minutes and the back of my left upper arm, that slid down the wooden railing still hurts to the touch.

Just now I took Kaiser out to pee and twisted my left ankle in a chuckhole where a bush used to be years ago and I went down to my hands and knees in the wet muddy ground. My left ankle still hurts, but I can put more weight than I could while Kaiser peed and we came in 🙁