Welcome to Always Forever. This is my personal blog and website. My name is Jen, and not only am I the owner, but I’m the webmistress and the sole creator. Please look around the site and leave some feedback (big or small).

Whenever I’ve created a website, the name has usually come from a TV Show I adore, and this one is no different. In the past, I’ve had domains with the names:

  • Smile Time
  • Prophecy Girl
  • Jade Dragon
  • Helpless Laughter
  • Before Sunset
  • And now, Always Forever is no different. Instead of JUST explaining this domain’s name, let’s take a small step back in time and look though my old domains.

    Smile Time & Prophecy Girl were the only two who were not used as personal domain/blogs. Smile Time comes from the season 5 episode of the same name of the TV series Angel (the spin off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer starring David Boreanaz) Smile Time is one of my favorite episodes of that series, and it’s the one that Angel is a muppet in for most of the hour.

    Prophecy Girl comes from the season 1 episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Since it’s been so long since I’ve had it or Smile Time, I don’t remember if they were used as fansites or what, but I honestly don’t remember them being blogs.

    Ever since I was a child, I have always been a fan of the old 1980s cartoon series Thundercats. The series made in 2011 was goo, but Jade Dragon and Helpless Laughter come from the original (let’s face it, the new one was good, but let’s face it, the original was better). Jade Dragon & Helpless Laughter are episodes in it’s final season, and episodes I have always loved. You can actually watch this series online at KissCartoon.me

    Before Sunset can be viewed coming from various places, but it’s true origin is from The Vampire Diaries, season 3 episode 21. Originally, it was at Influx, but was lovingly transferred to GoDaddy. I used this site for a personal blog domain, for a few years, but the name renewal became a bit expensive, so I let it expire and got a new name (before expiration so my content could be transferred). This was the first site I had with IceGlow, which is the best host I’ve honestly ever had.

    This finally brings us up to date with Always Forever. Always Forever comes from a saying said by the Mikaelson family in both The Vampire Diaries and it’s spinoff, The Originals. If you’re a fan as I am (thanks to my friend Kayla, who got be started on TVD a few years back, during it’s 3rd season) you’ll know the meaning of “Always & Forever”, how the Mikaelsons use the phrase, means they are bound together always and forever, through relationships, romances, fights, nothing can break their eternal bond.

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