King’s Quest

Recently I’ve been replaying the original King’s Quest game (a nice game that really only takes about 30-40 minutes to play). I don’t have the ORIGINAL version, I have AGD’s revamp. For the longest time, I would only accumulate 156 of the possible 158 points and recently I figured out where those 2 missing points are, and the perfect spot to stand for catching the condor.

I re-recorded my walkthrough, with these two spots. Go here and the updated one is the second one listed as Quest For The Crown (after the link is an annotated Update)

For those two points not gathered in the original video, you have to take a bite out of the witch’s house. I don’t know if it matters if it’s after you defeat her or not, but I did it after she was defeated.

And if the condor spot isn’t noticeable in the video, let me explain. I know if you look closely enough, you can see 2 xes on the path (a light brown one and a shadowy black one), ignore both. Down and to the right a little is two small stones. Stand on them, then decrease speed and when the condor is around the cave doorway click on him with the hand icon.

Update: I opened the game and played to the witch’s house and knocked to make sure she was there, then took a bite out of her house. You get a message but not and endgame (I only did it twice though, so maybe more gets her outside, I’m not sure)

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