You never know the gravity of a disease until it touches you personally. I found that out the hard way this past month, with my dad’s brief battle with liver cancer.

At first, it seemed like he was walking slower and less energetic, but that could be said with age (he was 70), but then after the fair, it was worse. We thought it was a cold, the he had aches and a changed appetite, so it seemed like the flu…but when it never cleared, my mom got him into the doctor. 5 months ago at his last checkup his labs were normal, but this time his liver enzymes we’re 4 times what they should be and he ended up referring him to a specialist who found the ultimate cause…a tumor had engulfed almost this whole liver in the 2 weeks he was in the hospital. Another test confirmed it was stage 4, and as weak was he was (the cancer wasn’t his only problem, he was also anemic) chemo/radiation wouldn’t help, it would only make him die sooner. We moved him to hospice, where he was for only two days before he passed away at 1:20am on October 26, 2018.

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