For the longest time my home phone and internet has been bundled with CenturyLink (local phone company). July’s bill is what changed this. We received it on July 23 on it’s due date, and it was postmarked 2 days earlier. When they were called, they were very bitchy and snippy and blatantly blamed the postal service, claiming they must have held it there for three weeks (mind you, the envelope only had ONE post mark.

So, yet that day, we arranged to switch the home phone to Verizon (who our cell phones are from) and called Spectrum to put in high-speed internet (since Verizon can only do hotspots).

So far, having Verizon for the phone is good (we had to get a new phone set because the home phone box plugs into the phone with a jack and 3 of our wireless handset had jack ports, but thanks to Walmart’s Savings Catcher, the phones didn’t cost physical money)

Spectrum High Speed internet is SO much better than CenturyLink ever was. The area is larger (my cell gets wifi out in the yard and garage) and it seams faster and smoother.

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