Cedar Point

Tuesday and Wednesday (June 27 & 28) we went to Cedar Point for our yearly 2 day trip. Tuesday was rather cold, it barely got above 70, so that day we missed the water park, but took advantage of the hotel’s pool and hot tub. Wednesday was rather warmer (it got into the 80s) and we did get to visit and enjoy the new and improved water park..

My only qualm with Cedar Point Shores (that is how they rebranded the waterpark) is the bathrooms. There’s only 2 sets of single use (two potties each) restrooms, instead of 2 or three multiple stalled ones. Makes waiting to use it be atleast a 30 minute wait.

Other than that, the trip was very good. I had gained some weight so I was turned away from a ride, but all in all it was a fantastic trip.

In the two days, I took 80+ photos, which will be added to the gallery tonight

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